Why a Marketing Agency will save you more than just time and money.

Marketing General / May 17th 2019

Straight off, I know what you’re thinking… ‘here we go, another marketing agency writing an article about why you desperately need to outsource’.

But, please, bear with me because there’s more to this one – I promise.

For transparency, yes I do have a marketing agency (keyk.co.uk – have a look if you like) but this article is actually about whether or not you need marketing at all. And if you do, then what you’ll need to make it work.

And these principles can be applied to anything you want to be successful in, so there’s literally nobody this can’t be useful for.

Still interested?

Great, let’s crack on…

Do You Need Marketing?

Well yeah, of course, you do.

I guess what I’m actually asking here – and the point of this article is to get you to ask yourself, are you willing to put the necessary amount in to make marketing work for you?

Because if you’re not, then, to be honest, don’t bother, there’s not much point.

Yeah, there’s loads of marketing agencies out there (including mine) that’ll have ‘dip your toe in’ type offers – give it a month here and try a small budget there (and we’re MORE THAN HAPPY to fulfil those offers for customers).

But can you be properly successful with this type of approach?

Can marketing have a powerful, long-lasting impact on your business this way?

Honestly? No.  

Good marketing takes expertise and it takes patience and whilst we’re all quick to shout about how we offer the first one (we’re all experts), few of us mention that you’ll need to offer up the second one.

Marketing, like anything else in life, needs 3 main pillars to succeed.

This applies to everything, whether you’re investing in stocks, setting up a passive income stream or growing some tomatoes; you’ll need these 3 things:

  1. Long-term thinking
  2. Convicted, informed decision making
  3. Perseverance/resilience
If you have these, you will succeed, no question.
digital marketing phone

But if don’t or don’t want to – and there’s no shame in this, then go down the affiliate route or hire an army of salespeople – that might be successful too.

Making Marketing Work

Ashamedly, I was a good 4-5 years into my marketing journey (journey always sounds more whimsical than ‘career’) when I learned that good marketing keeps you up at night.

My boss at the time and mentor ever since is somebody that has had huge success within the industry, launching multi-billion pound businesses and staying at a high level for over 30 years.

He would come into the office in the morning (almost every morning) with scraps of paper and scribbles and tell me all about the idea he’d had at 3:00am that morning. The business we worked at was TRANSFORMED over a 2 year period – all because of good marketing.   

Because even sleep came second to it. And, it should do… That’s what it takes.

Short-term victories are great but they’re keeping you busy and they’ll keep you busy forever.  

Now, I’m not saying if you ever sleep, you can’t be successful – that’s ridiculous. I’m simply highlighting the fact that to get some real returns from marketing your business, take it fucking seriously.

You could easily spend 50 hours a week strategising and optimising and creating and perfecting your approach to one marketing channel – like Facebook. And there are hundreds of channels – so work hard at it, make good decisions and plan long-term. Short-term victories are great but they’re keeping you busy and they’ll keep you busy forever.  

Where is your audience? how do they engage? Think, think, think and think some more… how can you get in front of them in the most effective way possible?

agency meeting

Do You Need an Agency?

If you LOVE marketing, as I do. As my aforementioned mentor does.

If it’s a pleasure to play the ‘marketing game’ and watch your efforts slowly turn into profit.

And this won’t affect your ability to look after your business… Then hell no, you don’t need an agency.  Good luck to you, go enjoy the craft of the graft – it’s really fun.

But if, for whatever reason, you can’t put that much in – it just isn’t possible right now. Yet, you see the value in marketing your business. You’ve seen the return others are generating through amazing, well-thought-out campaigns and you want some of that. You understand it’s not an overnight thing and it will take some effort (albeit on the agencies part in this case) then yes, you NEED an agency.

Those extra heads, that extra passion, that wall that ideas come bouncing back from will all be pivotal. Yes, expertise, yes, knowledge but choose an agency because they live and breath it and they understand the long term vision of your business and you’ll end up successful, ten times more successful than with a half-arsed toe dip.

And best of all, they’ll put the sleepless nights in.

Because undoubtedly, working with an agency, in the long run, will save you time and money. But with all the options, channels and shiny objects available in the marketing industry these days, it might just save your sanity as well.

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