Rank organically on the world’s biggest search engines.

search engine optimisation.

Most people’s first stop on any online journey is Google. And the majority (the vast majority) of these people don’t go any further than page one when looking through the results.

That’s why you need SEO.

Great Search Engine Optimisation will drive more traffic to your website and get you in front of potential customers for the keywords you want to rank for.

At Keyk, we’ll boost you up the rankings using clean and legitimate SEO techniques.

Looking at all aspects and ranking factors from website speed to keyword performance, competitor comparisons, link building and everything in between.

Using our combined knowledge of SEO and our content and marketing skills, we’re all in on delivering long-term return on investment.  

the process.

seo audit

1. Audit

We assess every possible ranking factor - on your site and off it. We even look at your competitors search data to harvest as much information as possible.

seo strategy

3. Strategise

Using the combined research, a strategy is then put together. Factoring in both your audience and the defined success of your business.


5. Optimise

Everything on your site can be optimised. Technical SEO factors and conversion optimisation all play a part in getting the most from search marketing.

seo audience

2. Identify Audience

Utilising your unique knowledge of your business and industry, we'll then build a picture of who we're trying to create compelling customer journeys for.

press release

4. Build Links

An integral part of SEO. We spend time crafting incredible quality, creative content to build high authority, high quality links to your website.


6. Report

You'll be provided with highly detailed reports, giving insight into every aspect of a campaign's performance. With a summary to cut through the jargon.

how we bring you into the process.

To ensure your SEO is working and help give you an indication of return on investment, we offer detailed, personalised reporting on how the campaign is performing. Delivered by a dedicated contact that gets to know your business and industry.

Your dedicated account manager will also provide you with a monthly summary to give you all the information in simple terms. No jargon or gobbledygook. An overview of the previous month and what we’ll be working on to improve results for the following month.

start generating more business.

with our long term SEO strategy