voice search.

The way we search is changing. Is your business ready?

"hey keyk, how do I..."

According to the big players in the market; Google, Amazon and Apple. Next year, 50% of all online searches will be made by voice search.

Consumers are adopting voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Becoming more comfortable using their voice to ask things like ‘Where can I buy the new XYZ near me?’ and businesses need to adapt to meet this new way of searching if they want to dominate their industries.

Just like SEO, businesses that invest in this type of optimisation early, will have the most success over time. Gaining early authority on search engines and establishing themselves at the top of the pile. 

Voice search usually only offers one search result, making competition for that place extremely high. Make sure you’re ahead of this trend with a complete voice search marketing strategy.

We believe that voice search is huge for the future of marketing. 

And, because of this we’ve dedicated a lot of time into research and data analysis of what search engines look for when delivering a voice search result. 

Our knowledge and results-based expertise can help your business achieve that vital top spot. Vastly increasing the volume of red hot traffic and conversions your website achieves. 

We offer long-term results that start today.

the process.

seo audit

1. Research

We look at what users are currently asking for in your industry. As well as existing answers to those questions.


3. SEO

Whilst separate, SEO fundamentals are still important, affecting domain authority and search engine trust.


5. Evaluate

Regular evaluation of your website's performance and ranking factors allow us to continually improve and target more key phrases.

seo strategy

2. Strategise

Once we have this understanding we're able to devise a strategy for becoming the number one answer to these questions.


4. Voice Optimise

Your site content, layout, speed and other vital factors will be assessed and amended to ensure you're fully optimised for voice.


6. Report

You'll be provided with highly detailed reports, giving insight into every aspect of a campaign's performance. With a summary to cut through the jargon.

how we bring you into the process.

To ensure your Voice Search Marketing is working and help give you an indication of return on investment, we offer detailed, personalised reporting on how the campaign is performing. Delivered by a dedicated contact that gets to know your business and industry.

Your dedicated account manager will also provide you with a monthly summary to give you all the information in simple terms. No jargon or gobbledygook. An overview of the previous month and what we’ll be working on to improve results for the following month. 

start voice search marketing today.

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